Flattery gets you everywhere


”What’s so special about the team at Periscope is ‘they get it’. They get to know the environment, they get to know the people, they get to know the subject matter and therefore they get to know the relevant questions to prompt the best responses from the people being filmed in a very relaxed way.”

Angela Murphy, Tomorrow's Women

“Being a community business themselves meant that by working with Periscope, the benefits were flowing straight back into Bootle in terms of enhanced skills and employment.”

Mark Gordon , Power To Change

“I was completely blown away, it was everything I wanted and more. I have had experts in our line of work from across the globe comment that it’s the best video they’ve seen.”

Julie White, Nature 2 Nurture

“We love working with Periscope because they share our social values, they
recruit local talent, they understand what we are trying to achieve, they
take the fear out of the process ….  and they make beautiful films.”

Cate Murphy, Regenerus

We’d recommend working with Periscope because in a world of competing multimedia organisations they really do provide the technical and artistic quality which stands out from the rest.
What’s special about the team at Periscope is they have a potent mix of excellent media skills and an enthusiasm about social, grass routes issues which is reflected in both their collective and individual personalities. Their drive to shed light on things that really matter is essential in these times and sets them apart.”

David Barnicle, The Brink