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Like most people, you probably want to change the world, don’t you?

At Periscope CIC we offer full scale video production and video PR services. It’s not just about what we create, it’s how we create it. We work with national charities and social enterprises, employment services, health organisations and more. Celebrating with communities, people, and organisations that have stories to share and campaigns to promote by creating bold and visual films
and photography installations.

Getting involved with Periscope is a great opportunity to associate your brand with our positive aims, which will help enhance your reputation.

We love to share.

We are able to invest through funded projects and profits from our commercial work in Education and Training.

We are a production company that believe in sharing our knowledge
and skills, delivering Visual Arts Workshops for over 15 years, often enabling those disadvantaged a means of expression and opening doors to further opportunities in education or training.

One of our most recent and successful projects is Community Journalists. This is an ongoing project and is a great example of how we up-skill unemployed people in video journalism. It enables communities to use film to share and celebrate achievements, address important issues on a grass roots level, and allows expression to a wider audience.

Victoria Ferguson
Victoria FergusonSteadicam Operator
Jonathan Dawe
Jonathan DaweThe man behind it all
Paul Avis
Paul AvisDrone Pilot